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Embedded Linux Development Resources

--- From "Driver Distraction" to "Driver Empowerment and Augmentation" using Open Source ---


  • Interviewed by Richard Smedley in Linux Format 187.
  • Interviewed by Andrew Smith The Manchester Guardian, although I only saw the piece reprinted in Business Insider
  • Interviewed in Yahoo Finance article
  • Elecia White interview about automotive software development on her Making Embedded Systems podcast
  • Free as in Freedom oggcast episode 0x40, an interview about "Free Software in Cars"
  • Interviewed on Xinhua News Agency's CNC World program; follow-up article (in Chinese)
  • Mike Linksvayer's summary of LibrePlanet 2012 includes a capsule review of "the most important talk of the conference"
  • Nate Willis' fine LWN article about my SCALE presentation.
  • Quoted at end of John Boudreau's "Coming soon to freeways: Drivers tweeting at 70 miles an hour"
  • On Happy the Clown show on local Philadelphia television in 1965 for my third birthday; probably talked about automotive Linux and autonomous vehicles
  • Presentations

  • Slides from the "Technology, Business and Regulation of Connected Car" Google Hangout of Dec 11, 2013 in PDF, LibreOffice and PPT formats. Links in PDF document are broken.
  • Automotive Linux Summit presentation on "The 'Telematics Horizon': V2V and V2I Networking": ODP (LibreOffice), PDF
  • Embedded Linux Conference Europe presentation on "Best practices for long-term support and security of the device-tree": ODP (LibreOffice), PDF
  • North Bay Linux Users Group July 2013 presentation on Developing Automotive Linux (PDF) (and ODP)
  • "Linux Takes on the Hard Problems of Automotive" Google Hangout on in PDF and LibreOffice formats
  • LibrePlanet 2013 talk on "Automotive Free Software 2013: Right to Repair and Privacy" in PDF and LibreOffice formats
  • Embedded Linux Conference 2013 presentation,"Addressing the hard problems of automotive Linux: networking and IPC" as PDF and in LibreOffice format; video courtesy Free Electrons
  • Automotive Linux Summit talk "Tier X and the Coming of the Whitebox Car", Sept 19 2012, slides as PDF and LibreOffice format
  • Content for Maker Faire Booth about Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source group
  • "From Driver Distraction to Driver Augmentation: Open Source in Cars," slides as PDF and LibreOffice ODP, presented at the 7th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area, May 19-20 2012 at the San Mateo County Expo Center
  • "Automotive Open Source: Opportunity and Peril" as PDF and LibreOffice ODP
  • Los Angeles Automotive Open Source Group talk on "The Next Frontier: Open Source in the Car" on April 11, 2012: draft slides as LibreOffice ODP and PDF
  • LibrePlanet talk on "Why Cars need Free Software", March 24, 2012; slides in LibreOffice ODP and PDF formats
  • Embedded Linux Conference February 2012 demo room poster in LibreOffice ODP and PDF format
  • Southern California Linux Expo Jan 21, 2012 talk on Automotive: the Next Frontier for Mobile Linux: Booth content; presentation slides as PDF and LibreOffice ODP; LWN article and interview.
  • Dec 6, 2011 talk on "Next-Generation In-Vehicle Software Opportunities" as PDF and LibreOffice ODP
  • Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Meetup Group Nov, 2011 talk on "Automotive: The next hot mobile platform for Linux" as PDF and LibreOffice ODP
  • Code Camp, Oct 9, 2011 talk on on "Automotive: The next hot mobile platform for Linux" as pdf and odp
  • Silicon Valley Linux Users Group, Oct 5, 2011 talk on on "Automotive: The next hot mobile platform for Linux" as pdf and odp
  • North Bay Linux Users Group Sept. 13 talk on "Automotive: The next hot mobile platform for Linux" as pdf and odp
  • SF Bay MeeGo Network talk on "Automotive: The next platform for MeeGo" as pdf and odp
  • SHDH 46 lightning talk, September 3, 2011, "Automotive: the next Hot Mobile Platform": pdf and odp
  • Slides from "Rapid prototyping with open source" seminar presented at MIT Lincoln Lab on 7/14/2011
  • Slides from Spring 2011 MeeGo Conference about MeeGo on Development Boards in PDF and LibreOffice formats
  • "Birds of a Feather" presentation about the Future of MeeGo (LibreOffice, PDF) from Embedded Linux Conference 2011
  • Clients

  • Enlighted
  • Caralta
  • Edmunds
  • Tizen-IVI
  • Open Mobile World Wide
  • Resume


    The Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Group is a free, non-commercial network aimed at facilitating communication between software developers, car manufacturers, small businesses, system integrators and hobbyists.

    Tips and tricks

  • busy-buses, the beginning of a tiny project to fake enumerability for ARM's non-enumerable buses
  • The Tizen-IVI build and source-code management instructions are admirably complete, but needed lots of workarounds for Debian Testing.
  • makedts, a bash script that runs the C preprocessor and device-tree compiler dtc on a device-tree source file and produces human-readable output with ASCII strings
  • a bash script that installs a recent SystemRescueCD to a USB stick, and addresses the two most common reasons SystemRescueCD installation fails
  • Controller-Area Network (CAN) protocol implementations in modern vehicles: a case study of my much-examined 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback
  • Instructions for running Ubuntu-IVI Remix on an ExoPC Atom Slate and in a Qemu VM
  • Some notes on getting the HDMI out working on the ExoPC Vibe with MeeGo-IVI, Ubuntu 11.10 and kernel 3.0.0.
  • MeeGo IVI (automotive Linux) running on the Atom-based ExoPC slate
  • Some handy info on Gumstix Overo expansion boards
  • How to induce your Fedora user process to drop core for debugging purposes
  • Running PCBSD and MeeGo under qemu-kvm and qemu-gl
  • Projects

  • The OpenICE suite of automotive middleware includes nOBDy, libobd and obdref. OpenICE tools have as their purpose to empower drivers and developers to make more creative use of vehicle data. Deb packages are available from Launchpad for Debian and Ubuntu, with RPMs coming soon.
  • Work on MeeGo at Nokia: hardware-accelerated graphics on Pandaboard, ExoPC, WeTab, crude data mining
  • Embedded Linux Decision Tree (rough sketch; download and improve!)
  • GNU/Linux vs. Android 2.x Graphics Stacks (very rough sketch; download and improve!) Abandoned in favor of superior 0xlab diagrams.
  • Automotive Bookshelf

  • review of Ingenious: a True Story of Automotive Daring, and the Race to Revive America by Jason Fagone
  • review of Designated Drivers: How China plans to dominate the global auto industry by G.E. Anderson, PhD
  • review of American Wheels, Chinese Roads by Michael J. Dunne
  • review of Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century by William J. Mitchell, Christopher E. Borroni-Bird, and Lawrence D. Burns
  • review of Automotive Internetworking by Timo Kosch, Christoph Schroth, Markus Strassberger and Marc Bechler
  • review of Car Guys vs. Bean Counter: The Battle for the Soul of American Business
    by Bob Lutz and Shift: Inside Nissan's Historic Revival by Carlos Ghosn and Philippe Riès
  • reviews of Controller Area Network Projects by Dogan Ibrahim and Understanding and Using the Controller Area Network Communication Protocol: Theory and Practice by Marco di Natale, Haibo Zeng, Paolo Guisto and Arkadeb Ghosal
  • review of The Ultimate History of BMW by Andrew Noakes
  • review of Attack of the Drones: A History of Unmanned Aerial Combat by Bill Yenne
  • Alison's older and less technical content.

    Alison with gigantic Bob Noyce photo backdrop.

    Bob and I at the Intel Museum

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